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Storytelling Main concept

Working together, joining forces to deliver a result that would never otherwise be possible - that’s what we mean when we talk about synergy.
And one of the best known - and best loved - forms of synergy is music. What is a single sound worth on its own? Nothing. It is an experience that doesn’t stimulate any particular sensations or emotions. You won’t get very far with an individual note, but when it’s combined with other notes, as part of a score ... then you have music! Artists can’t do it alone, either. Without an audience and constant contact with other artists, their talents will probably go unexpressed.

Music Chains is an all-encompassing music-based social network that aims to build links among artists, as well as between artists and potential audiences and clients.
A place where a vast network of conversations can be built up, among professionals and enthusiasts, with one key underlying theme: music.

Talking about music is fun. Witnessing its creation is fantastic.
Making it is the best!

Music Chains' main strengths:
  • It’s free - signing up costs nothing and users aren’t charged for anything they do on the platform;
  • The idea originates from two musicians who are passionate about their art – its creators offer youth, experience, and a love of music, combined with first-hand knowledge of social media;
  • The ability to attract people (for various reasons) who are either passionate about music or are involved in the creative universe that revolves around it, fostering exciting and fruitful encounters. A successful meeting of two musical minds can produce music that’s enriching for everyone;
  • The opportunity offered to emerging artists to showcase their talent, on a platform visited by users who are both experts in the field and passionate about their art, without having to shout over the background noise that you find in the generic social networks;
  • Profiling accuracy - anyone who signs up for Music Chains not only specifies his or her status (for example, artist, professional, fan), but also clearly flags up their preferences.
    For example:
    • An artist can state whether he or she is a musician (singer, instrumentalist), songwriter (lyrics, melodies), band member, or even a look-alike of a famous artist, a DJ, or a dancer, and for whatever their art is, they can then specify their preferred genres or the specific category in which they perform;
    • Members of the music industry can also sign up, stating their specific field (music executive, publisher, arranger, session player, sound engineer, stage hand etc ...);
    • Schools and academies state their specific area of teaching in their profile (music, song, dance, theatre ...);
    • Dancers can select the kind of dance practiced (hip hop, jazz, burlesque, samba, mambo, waltz, folk, etc ...);
    • Fans can flag up their favourite genres and keep themselves up to date on their area of choice, receiving feeds from Music Chains containing only the topics of interest to them, based on their profiles;
  • the opportunity to create powerful networks among people with a shared passion and to interact immediately (via email, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter links found on each user’s personal notice board);
  • For all kinds of users, Music Chains is the go-to site for those who want to be part of a huge community that moves to the beat of all kinds of music!

An open house for talent

Brief Overview
  • The creation of a network leads to significant opportunities for growth-enabling synergies;
  • Music Chains is an all-encompassing platform aimed at the music world that allows artists, the industry, and fans to meet and interact;
  • Music Chains is the tool that promotes production synergies in the music scene, building new opportunities for growth and connection.
  1. The number of people today who either love music or are actively involved in making it - in whatever way - shows no sign of dropping. The current slump in the record industry is simply the result of the different way in which people are now enjoying and experiencing music, which is still a major part of everyday life.
  2. A large number of musicians (whether professionals, semi-professionals, or amateurs) are thwarted by the difficulty of networking. Talented performers may find it hard to emerge as artists or to express themselves unless they meet the right people, who have the capacities they need to start up a collaboration.
  3. In the musical world, social networks have replaced the old-fashioned deal system. While the recession in the music industry has rendered agents and music executives that "nurture" talents a thing of the past, musicians today who are eager for visibility and to emerge can do it alone, seeking out their audience online and through social networks, which have become the place to showcase creativity.
  4. Over the years, a myriad of music portals have been established, all with different ways of approaching the art. There has yet to exist, though, a social network that - rather than simply providing a showcase (like Myspace, for example) – facilitates and fosters real interaction among artists.
  5. The aim of Music Chains is to fill this void, offering a comprehensive platform that is both fun and useful, while also allowing users to build that forum, that virtual marketplace, that musicians and music lovers are still waiting for.


Music Chains is an all-encompassing music-based social network that offers performers, the industry, and fans free membership. It is a platform that helps users with skills connect up with other users with complementary abilities, bridging the gap between supply and demand in the music world.


With its platform, Music Chains aims to promote socialisation within the music industry and the emergence of new synergies and collaborations among artists, as well as between artists and the industry, and the fans. By helping users connect up with other users and, as a result, craft new performance projects, Music Chains aims to encourage the creation of great new music for everyone.


Music Chains is a start-up founded by Fabrizio Pedrizzi (owner) in association with Natalino "Chris" Di Mezzo.

DO . Finally, a comprehensive social network dedicated to music

Music Chains is the first music-based social network that - rather than simply serving as a showcase or notice board - also stimulates new relationships and interaction among artists. A forum where - as well as talking about themselves - users can also can find new ways of developing as artists. What better way to get to know each other than a jam session?

RE . Music Chains is an all-round approach to music

The Music Chains project is designed to help people see the bigger picture, when it comes to music. The platform facilitates connections between and among musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, and members of the industry (such as publishers, producers, music executives, arrangers, sound engineers and stage hands), as well as lookalikes of famous artists, DJs, dancers, schools, and performing arts academies, and all those others whose lives revolve around music every day. Not only that, when they sign up, users can create their profiles by specifying various categories that embrace numerous genres. Join the band!

MI . Socialising to the rhythm of music

Talking about music is how music enthusiasts love to pass their time and, with Music Chains, finding new people to chat to is even easier and more fun. Conversations are the building blocks of all social networks and in the same way, at Music Chains, they are our daily bread. There’s just one rule - when you’re talking music, keep the volume maxed!

FA . A social network, dedicated entirely to music, with an open-door policy

Music Chains is a social network designed specifically for the music world, but not just for specialists. Music Chains welcomes all users. Anyone - from members of the industry to those passionate about performing, as well as the most fervent of fans - can sign up and experience its all-round approach. A concert that’s open to all and everyone!

SOL . Performing in front of a selected audience

On Music Chains, visibility is earned through members’ ability to get other members on board their projects. And the visibility available to each artist and industry member is also accessible by at a highly profiled audience, which means that whoever views any of the site’s contents is likely to be interested in making the most of what they come across and will want to find out more.

LA . Show everyone your talent!

Music Chains is an amazing opportunity for new talents on the lookout for both listeners and people with projects to work with, so as to increase their potential. Reaching an audience with clearly established profiles means no time is wasted on people looking for a different genre, which is a significant plus point for any new star in the musical firmament.

SI . An Italian idea

The Italian born and bred platform is the embodiment of a kind of creativity for which Italy is - and always has been - renowned. This is a fusion of two fields in which Italy excels, i.e. music and the creative enterprising spirit of start-ups; an achievement that originates from the customisation and personalisation of every experience, together with the Italians’ never-ending love affair with music. Everything sounds better in Italian!

DO . Music Chains is active, exciting, buzzing!

Music Chains is a place for fun, that’s packed with vitality, thanks to the limitless power of music. A platform that helps members meet and build synergies. It transmits positive energy, like a record you never get tired of listening to.

Selling proposition


Music Chains offers users who register various advantages, including:

Artistic benefits

Music Chains helps members meet other performers with similar artistic tendencies;

A professional edge

Organisational advantages

  • Fans are kept up to date on the artists that
  • Based on their profiles
  • Are on the same wavelength musically, so they only receive news they are likely to be interested in, which means their time on the platform is better spent;

Strategic plus points


The platform offers a mine of information about the latest news and trends from the music world.


Advertisers who buy space on Music Chains have the combined advantage (strategic and organisational) of being able to target a motivated, industry-specific public made up of profiled users with clearly defined tastes and preferences. This means that all advertising opportunities - from banners to DEM campaigns - can be pinpointed and the likelihood of winning over new custom is high.